New Era

NEC (New Era) is a Layer-2 on-chain aggregator based on the core concept of Ethereum expansion, which does not affect decentralization and utilizes the existing developer community and ecosystem.

what is NEC

New Era

NEC is committed to building a modular, universal, and highly flexible expansion framework for Ethereum. Its core component is the SDK, a modular and flexible development framework that supports the construction and connection of two mainstream expansion paths: Secured chains, the second-layer chain, which can rely on the security of the Ethereum network without having to establish its own verification mechanism. In addition to the currently completed main chain, other Layer 2 expansion solutions will be supported in the future, such as Optimistic Rollups, zk Rollups, Validium, etc. This will make NEC truly become a Layer 2 aggregator on the Ethereum chain.

NEC proposes a decentralized, configurable two-layer on-demand side chain network that provides storage functions and supports high-throughput, low-cost, and low-latency transactions. This system provides a subscription-based decentralized network for the configuration and deployment of a Byzantine fault-tolerant side chain with high throughput, compatibility with the Ethereum virtual machine, storage support, and provable security. The sidechain of each equity proof is highly configurable and consists of nodes that pledge NEC tokens on the Ethereum mainnet. At the same time, its consensus mechanism utilizes the asynchronous Byzantine fault-tolerant protocol.


Ours Services

Our advantages

  • Comprehensive improvement of network performance

    Based on the consensus mechanism of proof of rights and interests, making it a blockchain network with extremely fast processing speed; with strong scalability, it can shorten the network congestion time ~ 5S ADN 1,0000 + TPS; support WEB3 types Technology can increase its throughput rate.


Ecological applications

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Issuance plan

NEC is the native token of NEW ERA,Token name: NEC, Total issuance:600,000,000


Strategic Planning

The New Era upgrade is divided into multiple stages like the second layer of Ethereum. We are divided into phase 1, phase 2, phase 3, and phase 4. More follow-up upgrades will be continuously updated according to the progress of the second layer of Ethereum
  • February 2021

    Support solidity language and compiler

  • March-April 2021

    Develop an asset cross-chain bridge based on the second layer of the Ethereum protocol. Developers can use New Era to make a seamless cross-chain experience as part of their dApp.

    ① Fast entry and exit between Ethereum and L2 system;

    ② L2-L2 exchange, completely bypassing Ethereum;

    ③ Arbitrage between defi applications on different chains;

    ④ Build a cross-chain DEX aggregator;

    ⑤ More general cross-chain smart contract calls.

  • May 2021

    The New Era cross-chain protocol simplifies the handling of fees, and users can transfer money without holding a specific token.

  • July-August 2021

    Decentralized NFT streaming media platform is online, supporting NFT transactions

    Go online on mainstream exchanges and start public trading

    Start pos mining

  • October-December 2021

    Deploying Spacefold, a real-time cross-chain communication function compatible with the second layer of Ethereum, can be "folded" to the second layer of Ethereum solutions xDai, Optimism, Matic, SKALE and Arbitrum.

    The New Era cross-chain wallet is online, through state channel technology, allowing assets to be freely transferred between Ethereum's second-tier network (including zkRollup) and ETH 2 shards, or even other public chains (compatible with EVM), without waiting for comparison. Long exit time.